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Einc - An Ethereum Fork
Sharpay - Sharing is the new mining
GIFcoin - Cryptocurrency backed by real business

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John McAfee: Bitcoin will go to $1 million in 2020

John Pfeffer: Bitcoin will go to $700,000 (no specific time limit)

Jeremy Liew and Peter Smith: Bitcoin will go to $500,000 in 2030

Tim Draper: Bitcoin will go to $250,000 in 2022

Fundstrat: Bitcoin will go to $64,000 in 2019

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Bitcoin Rich Research

Bitcoin Rich Research is bitcoin and cryptocurrency research. Bitcoin Rich Research explore blockchain projects, white papers, fundamentals, project technologies, teams, communities, and policy. Bitcoin Rich Research also study project cryptocurrency management, distribution, trends, strategic cooperation, and capturing value information. Bitcoin Rich Research pursue real data, events, use data to quantify results, and predict project future trends.

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